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    In Jeff Kinney’s?Diary of a Wimpy Kid?series, you’ll be following the adventures (and misadventures) of wimpy kid, Greg Heffley. A total of 13 books (well, we should say illustrated journals) make up this earth-conquering children’s series in which readers join Greg on his turbulent journey through middle school… and it’s a bumpy ride, to say the least.

    wimpy kid book 9

    To get you started, here’s a handy list of every book in the series (so far), as well as a quick spoiler-free summary. It’s up to you what order you read them in, but to make it easy we’ve started at the beginning…

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 1)

    If you’re serious about bingeing all 13 of Jeff-Kinney’s side-splitting Wimpy Kid novels, best start at the very beginning. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid readers will meet Greg Heffley for the very first time – and trust us when we say that we’ve ALL been Greg at one time or another. Greg sums his situation up rather eloquently, nice and early on for us: “I’ll be famous one day, but for now I’m stuck in middle school”. Yep, not only is it a new school year, but it’s a new school for Greg. Greg is desperate to prove his newfound maturity (after all, he’s in middle school now!), but how will he cope when his sidekick Rowley’s star starts to rise at school??

    wimpy kid book 2

    Rodrick Rules (Book 2)

    Hurrah! You’re on to book two, Rodrick Rules and in this book, Greg is hiding a big secret from his summer vacation. But hey, it’s the start of a brand-new school year, Greg has a brand-new journal and the past is in the past (right?). But Greg’s brother, Rodrick, knows everything and has no intention of keeping his little brother’s secret. How can Greg make it through this new school year with his not-quite-cool reputation intact? Greg’s second journal seriously rules.?

    The Last Straw (Book 3)

    Will it be third time lucky for Greg Heffley? Can he go one book (sorry, journal) drama free?! Of course not – where’s the fun in that? In this instalment, Greg’s dad is on a mission to de-wimpy our favourite wimpy kid with a series of 'manly' physical activities. Greg successfully manages to dodge his dad’s devious plans, but his dodging comes to a screeching halt when the phrase 'military academy' is mentioned. Gulp. He’s going to have to come up with something seriously EPIC to get out of this one.?

    Dog Days (Book 4)

    Readers join Greg on his summer holidays in book four! Being more of an 'indoor person', our wimpy kid is looking forward to some serious TV and video game time hidden inside his dark bedroom over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, mum has other plans. She’s keen for more ‘family togetherness’ this summer – complete with ENDLESS activities – bringing Greg’s own summer plans to a crashing halt. Worst of all, there’s a brand-new addition to the Heffley family to contend with, leaving Greg somewhat outnumbered. This could be a real dog of a summer. Get it?

    The Ugly Truth (Book 5)

    Greg Heffley has always wanted to be treated like a grown-up, but is he really ready for everything growing up entails? It’s not exactly a smooth journey (in fact, it can get pretty ugly), as he’s about to learn in Jeff Kinney’s fifth instalment in the series. Greg’s suddenly dealing with the unfamiliar waters of boy-girl parties, increased responsibilities and all the awkwardness in between. Greg could really use a best friend to help him steer through this one – unfortunately, Greg and Rowley had a big fight, which means that Greg must face the 'ugly truth' on his own.

    wimpy kid book 6

    Cabin Fever (Book 6)

    Can Greg weather the storms that book six, Cabin Fever, has in store for him? Greg’s being blamed for some recent damage to school property and guess what? HE’S ACTUALLY INNOCENT (well, sort of). Just as the authorities are closing in on him, a huge blizzard hits, trapping the Heffley family indoors. Now, what’s worse? Getting in huge amounts of trouble, unfairly, or being trapped indoors with your family for DAYS?

    The Third Wheel?(Book 7)

    Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly all hugs and kisses when you’re Greg Heffley. In fact, dealing with everything the day entails might just be Greg’s biggest hurdle yet. A Valentine’s Day dance is being held at Greg’s middle school and LOVE IS IN THE AIR; naturally, this has turned Greg’s already upside-down world, upside down again. Greg and his best friend Rowley are both feeling the pressure of the big day and are determined to find dates for the school dance – not the easiest of tasks when you’re a wimpy kid! Will they both end up being lucky in love? Or is one of them about to find out what it means to be a third wheel…

    wimpy kid book 8

    Hard Luck?(Book 8)

    Greg’s former best friend Rowley has ditched him and our wimpy kid has been left to survive middle school solo. His mum keeps telling him: “Friends come and go, but family is forever”, but that’s hardly helping him right now. After struggling to make new friends, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance. Will a game of chance send this wimpy kid on the right path, or will hard luck mean a future of endless misadventures?

    The Long Haul?(Book 9)

    The Heffleys are going on a road trip and Greg’s chances of survival are… well, come on, after eight books, let’s face it – they’re not good. It’s another summer holiday and Greg’s mum has decided that the family are going to have an 'authentic experience' this summer by going on a family road trip in a mini-van. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t worry, Greg is just as sceptical as you are. Fasten your seatbelts, because this one’s going to be the bumpiest book yet!?

    Old School?(Book 10)

    In book 10, EVERYTHING is going backwards! Or at least that’s how Greg feels when his entire town decides to completely unplug and go electronic-free; after all, life was better in the olden days – wasn’t it? Greg must suddenly live his life completely 'old school' and with tension growing inside and outside of the family home, will he find a way to survive? Thank goodness for his journal…

    Double Down?(Book 11)

    It’s Halloween time and the frights are coming in left right and centre for Greg. His biggest fright comes in the form of his mum (shocker), who’s now on his case about playing video games too much (apparently they’re turning his brain to mush); she thinks that Greg could be doing something much more creative. So, Greg decides to make a movie! Not only will that get his mum off his back, but it’ll make him rich and famous, too! It’s a bulletproof idea, right? Lights! Camera! Action??

    wimpy kid book 12

    The Getaway?(Book 12)

    The Heffley family decides that it’s time to get away from it all and go on a relaxing holiday together (if you’ve just read the last 11 books, you’ll totally understand why). What could possibly go wrong in a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, we ask you? The Heffleys soon discover that paradise isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Expect sun-poisoning, stomach troubles and venomous creatures. A summer misadventure that only Jeff Kinney could think up!?

    The Meltdown?(Book 13)

    In this entry, we?see heavy snow shut down Greg Heffley’s school and before you know it, his whole neighbourhood has been transformed into a wintry battlefield! Rival groups are now fighting over territory, huge snow forts are being erected and EPIC snowball fights are breaking out all over the place! Let’s all hope that Greg has what it takes to survive this neighbourhood MELTDOWN!

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