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    1. Listen on a road trip

    The fact-filled Ladybird Audio Adventures travel through time and space and will make any long car journey far more fun, as well as teaching kids about five fascinating topics that they will just love. There’s Dinosaur Times for budding archaeologists, The Animal Kingdom for animal fans, Outer Space for little stargazers, Amazing Vehicles for those who love cars and trucks and Deep Sea Dive for underwater adventures.

    2. Laze-away rainy days

    Turning off the TV doesn’t mean children can’t enjoy stories from the characters they love! While it may cause an initial grumble, these brand new audio stories mean you can listen along with Peppa and join her on one of her many escapades. Why not play along in your living room, too??

    3.?Cuddle up at bedtime

    The Ten Minutes to Bed series is an audio treat for you as well as them: Suranne Jones (star of Doctor Foster) has expertly narrated the Little Unicorn, Little Monster and Little Mermaid audiobooks. These audiobooks are the perfect choice to calm your very own little monsters down at bedtime.

    4.?Have a sing-a-long session

    Everyone loves a good old sing-song, and what better excuse than this classic musical edition that will have you and your family singing along in no time! Packed with over 100 favourite nursery rhymes including favourites such as ‘Three Blind Mice’, ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’ and ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, you can share your own childhood faves with your tots and learn them together.?

    5.?Make prep for back-to-school fun

    Teaching your children maths, or any school subject, might feel daunting, but this audiobook is here to help. With some catchy songs and memorable methods to help you both get to grips with the times tables, this is an easy way to make learning those tricky school subjects fun.?

    6.?And of course, everyone loves story time!

    Cuddling up for story time is such an important part of the day. But what if your child is a reluctant reader? Audiobooks are a great way to build books into the day and these Ladybird Favourite Stories include many of the classics, from Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man.

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