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    • The handbook for compassion... a must-read book

      Chris Evans
    • She repeatedly finds the beam of light in the darkest rooms... Watson is a terrific guide to the gritty reality of hospital life... We have never needed their [nurses'] expertise more than we do now

      Helen Brown, Daily Telegraph
    • Now more than ever, nurses are on our minds and in our hearts. Christie writes with beauty and compassion about how they do their jobs. When I wasn't crying, I was marvelling

      Tracy Chevalier, author of A Single Thread
    • Magnificent... timely and resonant... In these unprecedented times, Watson challenges the rest of us to be more like nurses and to find the courage to care, no matter who is in need

      Caroline Sanderson, Sunday Express
    • An inspiring book for our challenging times. It's never been more important to care for one another and the amazing Christie Watson shows us the way

      Olivia Colman
    • Watson writes with wry humour and a cheerful, conversational tone, but the world of care she describes - mental health wards, dying children or neglected elderly patients - is often hard to bear... [The Courage to Care] is a love letter to her profession; her admiration for her colleagues shines through every story

      Stephanie Merritt, Observer
    • In this timely read, Watson, a former nurse who returned to work in critical care during the coronavirus peak, tells stories both heart-in-mouth and humbling. She reveals the extraordinary, beyond-the-call-of-duty work that nurses do, and the bravery of the patients and families they care for

      Daily Mirror
    • I loved The Courage to Care - Christie Watson writes so tenderly and truthfully. It is a spirit-lifting read

      Jacqueline Wilson
    • Watson has an unflinching eye for detail, and her ability to put the reader in the room means that we too bear witness... As Watson explains in her introduction, she has been talking and writing about the importance of nurses for years, but Covid-19 - which came along as she was making her final edits to the book - has made her subject more poignant and timely

      Cathy Rentzenbrink, The Times
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